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This Time, A Semi-Scheduled Break

May 30, 2011

Dear fellow Angelenos,

First, let me begin by apologizing for taking a break of (gulp) half a year without writing anything. I know, it feels like I’ve forgotten about you, my loyal loyalist fan base. Let me respond with a bit of potentially shocking news. For the past several months I have been living outside of my beloved hometown of Los Angeles, albeit in another town with a spanish name: Buenos Aires. It’s been great being here and I love it, but I must confess a bit of homesickness. Hence, this post. The good news is that I will almost certainly be returning to LA some time in the future, I don’t know exactly when but I will certainly keep you informed.

Rest assured, I have been keeping tabs on what has been taking place back home. My last posts detailed the exploits of the first cyclovia, I’m thrilled to see that the second one was an even bigger success. I’m also honored to hear from Alan Crawford that my writings on the Gerald Desmond Bridge helped to bring attention to the issue of bike/pedestrian lanes on the bridge, and that the replacement bridge will (hopefully) have them. There’s plenty more to comment on, in fact so much more that it would be silly to try to include it all in this post. Suffice it to say that despite my months of not writing I do miss you guys, and I promise to reenter the blogging world with renewed vigor and better Spanish skills upon my return. Until then, please try to survive without me. I know it’s dificult.

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