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LA Loyalist is dedicated to reports and news related in any way to the great city of Los Angeles. I’m interested in anything and everything going on in every corner of our fair (and sometimes unfair) burg, but I give particular attention to bikes, transit, parks, and urban development that makes LA a better place, as well as arts, music, culture, and other happenings around town. Sometimes I take time out to cover local politics and politicians, but mostly only when they’re easy to make fun of. I also keep an LA-centric photo gallery on this site. Stay loyal!

central ave

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  1. Mark permalink
    February 6, 2010 2:16 pm


    I like your photo of the Griffith observatory statues and would like to make a print to put on my wall. Would this be OK with you? Would you be willing to provide the hi res version?


  2. Roxanne Yelvington permalink
    March 2, 2012 10:13 am

    I am not sure how else to get a hold of you besides through this comment, so forgive the long message and please feel free to bump it 🙂 I was hoping I might get permission from you to use one of your photos (Inglewood, Crenshaw Blvd looking north from 105) in my master’s thesis project on structural racism and cityscapes in Compton and Watts (the bulk of the paper is from 1960-1980, but I also give a brief historical exploration of 1940-50, as well as end by connecting this time to the present day, which is where your pic would come in). It is a historical perspective on the transformations in these two important counties according to zoning laws which fostered hypersegregation. I would love to have for my epilogue pictures from the current day that show the Inglewood 105 line now, juxtaposed with the same shot angle I have from 1945 (although in a slightly further south location with Inglewood as an important part of my paper, obviously). This is the first picture I have found that is anywhere near the area I am discussing and that matches with the perspective of my earlier photo. I would, of course, credit you in the caption and the bibliography, and would be willing to forward to you the paper once it is turned into my orals board (I would need to have them view it first for copyrighting purposes before I can send you the final draft). I can additionally send you a fleshed out outline (with relevant arguments, support, and quotes that will be surrounding your picture, as well as the larger argument), if you would like to be sure your name is not put onto an argument driven paper with which you do not agree before I submit. This is just an exploratory request, as I am still in the intermediate phase of my project, so much of this would not come to you (if I still decide I have the time, space and clarity to keep the juxtaposed pics) for another couple of months. You can reach me via Facebook (Roxanne Yelvington), and I can give you more contact info from there. Thanks for any time you can give to this matter.

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