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Street Summit: Partying is Not Infeasible!!

March 19, 2010

Alas, there has been plenty to blog about this week in Los Angeles, but I have been too busy/lazy to do so. My deepest apologies to my loyal readership base, I shall not be so lax in the near future.

In the meantime, there’s the Street Summit tomorrow!! It is truly an event which merits two exclamation points. At this point, the oft-delayed-on-weekends Blue Line miraculously appears to be running on schedule during the day this weekend, but I’m guessing Metro will nevertheless find a way to f*** things up like they did last year. But there is yet good news: the Street Summit officially sanctioned after party!! Another two exclamation points!! There will be alcohol, bands, dancing, weird outfits, alcohol, and everything else the self-consciously edgy bicycle crowd loves. Naturally, my shaggy ass will be making an appearance, though I’ll have to cope with the late night repairs on the Blue Line back to the down under of Long Beach. C’est le velo, c’est la vie.

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