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Teaching Lawmakers A Lesson

March 4, 2010

Today, spendthrifts trying to balance the budget on the backs of students are getting schooled. Protests are going on around the country, with a giant demonstration going on right about now Downtown in Pershing Square. the protesters include students, teachers, and other education personnel, protesting across the board funding cuts. According to the LA Times, protests were comprised of “generally peaceful rallies, walkouts and teach-ins at universities and high schools.”

Now, I’m all for balanced budgets and stuff. But how come whenever there’s a shortfall, education is always the first to take cuts? In order for our election-based government to retain a shred of it’s representative pretense, we need an educated population.

Here’s an idea. Why not take all the money Carmen Trutanich spends on cigars and give it to education instead? Or how about we cancel Tony V’s lavish Oscar bash? Maybe we should just send our leaders back to grade school – apparently they haven’t learned that these decadent and unnecessary expenditures add up.

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