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Newish Culver City Park Enshrined in Poetry

February 14, 2010

It’s the winter months which offer the best views of our fair city, and what better place to partake in them than Culver City’s latest addition to its park department? The lower section of Culver City’s self-titled park is well established, but only since last year has the dramatic hilltop overlook and visitor center been open; even Google’s satellite pic shows it still under construction. The land for this area was formerly covered by oil wells, making it similar to Hilltop Park on my side of town. But it offers even more dramatic views, perhaps besting even the Getty for the most spectacular view of the Westside, and a damn good view of Downtown and the Sollywood Sallywood Save the Sign Sign. I went to the park’s Yelp page and found that one enterprising park-goer by the name of Joan S. had even crafted a poem about the park. It this poem were a skateboard, it would be one that was completely broken in half, yet held together with duct tape and miraculously fully functional.

One of the coolest parks on earth
If you climb deez hills, you’ll have no large girth
This huge park always gives me a thrill
I love it (but not as much as Averill ; )

My 36 photos tell the story
Of Culver Park in all its glory
Parking spots are everywhere
And views views views….you want to stare
I even like the oil drills
All around, up on the hills

Near the entrance are playgrounds for tots
And a basketball court where you’ll make your shots
But best of all……what fun, oh Lord….
Was the area where you can skateboard
I love skate parks, so exciting
If I were a kid, it would be inviting

Then, just up the hill you will discover
A surprise if you’re a dog lover
Why walk your dogs? it’s too damn hard
Let ’em run around at the Bone Yard
You will find it on Leash Lane
But don’t bring Fido after a rain
He’ll get all yucky, that’s bad news
Before you visit, check out the reviews

CC Park has wooden walkways, those ones in tiers
If you don’t like heights you’ll have some fears
Those wooden ramps are worth the trip
To Culver Park, then get a grip
When you get a load of the Challenge Course
Holy crap, could it be any worse….
See the photos, I speak the truth
Made me want a martini with no vermouth
People actually do that stuff??!!
Just looking at the equipment, for me, was enough

Near the highest elevation of all
Are 4 large fields for playing ball
Bleachers, scoreboards, holy hells
They got all the whistles & bells

Yesterday, Sunday, there was no crowd
Peaceful & pleasant, no sounds too loud
I shut off my cell to stop the ringing
And walked to the music of songbirds singing

At the highest point……I got good news:
Views views views views views views views
You must come here when you have time
Open daily from 6:30 to nine

It was kinda hot yesterday
But I don’t care, I love LA

Inspiring, no? I’ll leave you with a sunset panorama I had from the park.

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  1. February 18, 2010 1:33 pm

    Wow, they made it a park – thank god. I was always waiting for it to be developed, to what would have been my great dismay, because back in 1971 my grandfather and I used to drive up there and toss a baseball back and forth, and walk around the oil rigs.

    My grandfather is long dead, but family rumor has it that he buried some cash up there way before I was born, in case of any emergency later in life, or maybe just to have a secret.

    When I was 10 years old, a family emergency required cash, and it was almost 11 p.m. two nights before Christmas. My parents and grandparents were all freaking out, when my grandfather got up from his chair, announced he would be back in about half an hour, and walked out the door.

    When he got back, he tossed a wad of cash on the kitchen table and instructed his son, my father, to “go and deal with it”.

    He never told any of us how or where he got the money, but little clues told us he had it stashed up on the hill in Culver City.

    SO glad it is a park, and you have written a beautiful poem and taken gorgeous shots of it.

    This old Los Angelino thanks you, all the way from snowy Pittsburgh. 🙂


  1. Newish Culver City Park Enshrined in Poetry « LA Loyalist |

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