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Sad Day in Sallywood

February 12, 2010

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in LA, in which case you can look out your window to see one of the more embarrassingly executed protests in our city’s history. Facing the threat of a new housing development opening directly behind the landmark Hollywood Sign, the Trust For Public Land (owners of the sign) have launched a campaign to convert it from “HOLLYWOOD” to “SAVE THE SIGN”. They plan to cover each letter with a giant sheet of material, painted with the appropriate letter. Problem is, covering these letters is proving more difficult than the Trust initially thought, and by this evening the sign merely reads “SALLYWOOD”. In order to save the Sallywood sign, the Trust needs to cough up $12.5 million by April 14, and given their current inability to make things happen on time things don’t look good. Also, how exactly are they planning to add the “GN” at the end – that’s two more letters than the sign has! Either they’re planning to condense the “THE” to a single letter, or they’re going to resurrect two letters from the original “HOLLYWOODLAND” sign. Actually that would leave a pretty interesting remnant if they ever actually saved the sign: “HOLLYWOOD, LA”.

But the trouble brewing in the hills prompted an equally tragic event on the streets of Hollywood as well. At 3 this afternoon, back when the sign was only the “SOLLYWOOD” sign, one poor soul plummeted from the top of the massive Hollywood/Highland complex* to the sidewalk below. Perhaps he was distraught at the thought of the land near the hollywood sign being ruined, or maybe he had been driven mad by those immensely irritating “aspiring actress” quotes etched into the walkways. In any case, it was a sad day for Hollywood. Let’s hope that the upper deck of H/H doesn’t get shut down – it’s a great place to take pictures from – and that the ugly housing development next to the Hollywood sign does.

*Poor dude, he fell from the same place the banner photo for this website was taken from. If it didn’t look so nice, I’d retire it in his memory.

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