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LA’s Musical Blogs of Note

February 2, 2010

There was a bit of an award ceremony here in town yesterday – you’ll have to forgive my lack of interest, but an awards ceremony that concerns itself with rewarding outlandish outfits instead of real musical expression is hardly captivating to me. I will give the Grammys credit for honoring a broad array of musical styles (instead of just brain-melting pop), as well as having the class to hold their ceremony downtown. But we don’t need some expensive award ceremony to enjoy music here in LA. In addition to playing host to overhyped and moderately talented musicians, we also have plenty of underhyped ones too. So instead of launching into some big post-grammy analysis, I’ll use this as an opportunity to explore some of the more interesting musical blogs local to the LA area. They’ll direct you to shows where you don’t have to worry about being hassled by paparazzi, though there may still be a few people in outfits as outrageous as Lady Gaga.

LA Underground

Ooooh, I love a blog with intricate logos! LAU’s got a good color scheme too, and plenty of nice videos to listen to. Plenty of events to keep your feet tapping, with a few witticisms thrown in there somewhere.

Aquarium Drunkard

Essentially identical to LA Underground in content, this blog is endowed with a nearly limitless supply of ironic 1950s era kodachrome photos, thus rendering its irony credentials beyond reproach. Look for a series of interviews with musicians about far flung LA neighborhoods.

Music For Maniacs

The weirdest music you could ever think of. Not exclusively LA bands, but the dude who runs it is local and there’s plenty of interesting stuff nearby.

LA Jazz Blogs

Not updated much, but it’s nice to know there’s a thriving jazz scene in LA, even if you have to change out of your favorite dirty t-shirt to participate.

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