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To Haiti With Love

January 15, 2010

Last Tuesday, a devastating 7.0 earthquake struck the hills immediately west of Port-Au-Prince, the capitial of Haiti. Early estimates of the death toll are 40 to 50 thousand dead.

News of the tragedy has shaken people around the world, but Angelenos feel a particular sympathy for the Hatians, as we are regularly bombarded with powerful earthquakes as well. We’ve been fortunate to avoid an earthquake of the magnitude that hit Port-Au-Prince; the most powerful recorded earthquake to hit within the LA area was the 6.7 Northridge quake in 1994. We’re also fortunate to have the vast majority of our buildings and houses built to more earthquake resistant standards, let’s hope that Port-Au-Prince can find a way to institute similar standards in the wake of the quake.

Georges Laguerre - image unavalableThe small but dedicated Hatian community in LA is doing what it can to help. Tigeorge’s Chicken a Haitian chicken restaurant near Downtown, held a relief effort dinner last night. Owner Georges Laguerre says that he was able to contact his cousin back in Haiti, but that many others with relatives in Haiti weren’t so lucky. Also, several LA-based charities are mobilizing to help, including Operation USA in Culver City. There are many ways you can help, the LA branch of the Red Cross is a good place to start.

The heart of every quake-rattled Angeleno is with the people of Port-Au-Prince and Haiti. May their recovery be quick, and their losses as minimal as can be hoped for.

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  1. Peter permalink
    January 27, 2010 5:30 am

    Our priest is from Haiti and is to head down shortly. He’s planning to move his family to Trinidad and Tobago. He gave quite a homily the other week, telling us all that he felt we were his family, and that his other family needs him. He had no idea about his parents, his sister’s house was crushed and they were in need of hospitalization, his other sister’s husband died. We hoped we were able to in some small way.

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