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2009: Year in Re-spew

December 31, 2009

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As part of my untiring efforts to make this blog as generic as possible, here’s a recap of some of the more memorable/irritating events in LA for the now expired year of 2009. Let’s go!


Did anything happen in January? It’s been so long, I hardly remember. Something about bikes maybe? Well whatever it was, it wasn’t that important, or else I would have written about it.


As we all know, February is the month of LA’s greatest moment of self-congratulation: the Oscars. However, the Oscars this year had a serious challenge to that claim from Tony Villaraigosa’s reelection campaign.


Surprise! Tony wins. Other notable wins are Wendy Greuel and Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich, who was elected on the basis of “let’s vote for any slimeball who isn’t Jack Weiss”.


Who’da thunk it? LA places favorably in a national list of best walking cities. It’s enough to prompt me to visit the Augustus F Hawkins Natural Park (reviewed favorably in the article) then forget to write about it.


Angelenos went to the polls again this month, finalizing which Carmen Trutanich’s election. If Georges Bizet were still alive, he’d write an opera about it.


The first sharrows in the LA area are open! In late June, Long Beach opened green-lane bike share markings, the first of their kind in the the region. In other news, the Lakers win the NBA championship.


Google finally decides to cover LA’s metro in its “Google Maps” feature. One prominent libertarian blogger bursts at the seams with glee. In other news, Michael Jackson dies.


The ongoing “Cash for Clunkers” program, initiated by the Obama Administration, neglects to provide any incentive for buses, bikes, pedestrians, skateboards, or any other form of transportation that doesn’t utilize a two-ton vehicle to move a single person at 30 miles per gallon or less. Fail.


LA’s annual parking day was reportedly awesome; I sadly missed it as I was climbing a mountain. Oh well.


Remember that Trutanich guy that we elected? Who was, like, soooo much better than Jack Weiss? Yeah, turns out he’s an angry jerk. Also, the LA Phil gets a new conductor, who thankfully is not an angry jerk.


Great month! That guy who hit the cyclists was convicted, and the eternally delayed Gold Line extension finally opened! Yay. In other news, LA got a new police chief.


Well, not much happened this month. People decorated trees, and early in the month there was an event which was intended to turn LA into the city of love. Sorry, but I think Philadelphia sorta owns that title already. There was also a car show, which was a fun thing to crack jokes about.

See you next year on The Year in Re-Spew!

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