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Update: Google Maps Hates La Línea

November 16, 2009


Oh Google, when will you ever learn?

Last summer, Google graced us with system-wide timetables on Google Maps. However, they have yet to give us the full g-trans treatment of built-in transit maps that pop up when you click. Now, with the opening of La Línea de Oro, Google had a great opportunity to update its stop icons, and perhaps conveniently slip in actual route plans. But noooooo! When it comes to LA trains, Google’s approach is to heel-drag interminably. It looks like the Google administrators are even bigger anti-Eastside racists than I am.

Here’s the funny part. When you click the existing Gold Line station icons, they display the final destination as “Atlantic Station”. You know what that means? Google, pride of “government is evil” libertarians, has screwed this up. But Metro, a government agency who is in charge of supplying Google with times and destinations, has for once perfectly held up its end of the bargain. Who’da thought.

Maybe sometime in the distant future, we’ll finally get the maps we deserve on Google. Until then, well, we’ll have to do the best we can with Metro’s baffling “12 minute map”.

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