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Calling the Kettle Black

November 12, 2009
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image temporarily unavailableRecently, the example set by LA’s infamous dispensaries is being held aloft as medicinal policy gone to pot. No curative chronic, remedial reefer, or therapeutic THC, kiddies! Lest you want us to end up like that heathen hellhole in southern California. Be afraid!

I generally find moralizing of this sort to be a telltale sign of low moral character. But I have to say, the whole setup is rather loony. Technically, weed is legal in state law, providing you have a prescription. Enterprising doctors of dubious medical training have discovered that they can make a bundle by prescribing pot for stubbed toes then (conveniently) also selling the stuff in-house – a legal loophole somewhat more awkward than Amsterdam’s coffee shops, but effective enough to lead to 6,000 dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles. Here’s the thing: weed is still illegal under federal law. As such, dispensaries are subject to raids by the feds, but not local officials – though the Obama administration has pledged to back off on pot busts.

In a perfect world, medicinal marijuana would be legalized at the federal level, but that would require bible thumping rednecks in the south to somehow decide that weed isn’t evil, or at least become libertarians. Until then, LA’s dispensaries will hang in there until a massive fed raid takes place, or local enforcement finds a way to crack down. I’ll be rooting for them, not because I’m a user but because their campy ad campaigns are kind of amusing.

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