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Hipster Girls!

November 11, 2009

Good news on the whole traffic generation front: My East Berlin/Eastside post has been plugged on the wordpress homepage! Whooooo! Time will tell if this somehow catapults me into the upper echelon of bloggage, but until then, I’ll always have the hipster girls.

hipster girls 2

Yes, it turns out these coffee-sipping, pitchfork reading, ironically coiffed and clad cuties are SEO gold. If the above picture looks familiar, it’s because it’s the number two image result for “hipster girls” on the google, and it comes from my Diablos Blancos post of about a million years ago. Alas, for all the hard work I’ve done trying to make this blog a source for wry, insightful commentary on the City of Angels (with a few fart jokes thrown in from time to time), it turns out my number one audience is horny PBR-chugging hipster guys googling for hipster girls. Oh well, I guess I can identify with them. After all, I hate hipsters, which is the number one criterion for being a hipster.

And Los Angeles isn’t that bad a place to look for hipster chicks; thrift stores in Lincoln heights and Atwater Village are loaded with ladies looking for so-ugly-it’s-cool accessories. But that may be coming to an end soon. It turns out Ellen Page (she of piercing wit and prominent forehead) is teaming up with Arrested Development alumnus* Alia Shawkat to make a movie about two hipster girls moving from NYC’s Williamsburg to Silver Lake, thus signaling the end of hipster status for both Williamsburg and Silver Lake.

With any luck, I’ll be able to build a broader audience from this Berlin post. Until then, enjoy these pictures of… hipster girls!

hipster girl

hipster girl on bike

hipster girl stache

hipster girls 3
Special thanks to hipster musings, dirt girl diary, and hipster girls in mustaches.

*when will these guys learn that they’re not really hipsters? I’m looking at you, Michael Cera!

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  1. jay permalink
    April 1, 2010 10:59 am

    who cares

  2. August 9, 2010 11:31 pm


    i am booking for labrie’s in glendale
    it used to be the scene
    it has been re opened and now an amazing bar…. it has a photo booth, 3 dollar pbr and amazing bands
    this wed is rock night.. and its going to be soooo good… BUT i need help spreading the word…

    every wed is rock night
    every thur is indie night

    please help me spread the word about the venue again ….. its opened its doors and needs to spread the love



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