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Dudamel’s Blade Runner Debut

October 7, 2009

dudamel Tomorrow is the premiere of Venezuelan sensation Gustavo Dudamel as Conductor (or “Musical Director” if you prefer) of the LA Phil at Disney hall. Tickets have long sold out, and in an effort to allow others to share in the experience, LA Phil administrators have arranged for the concert to be simulcast on a screen outside the Dorthory Candler Pavillion, but tickets have run out even for that. It’s enough to make me long for construction of the proposed giant display screen downtown, once derided as the beginnings of a Blade Runner style dystopia, which might actually be a good way to deliver cultural events to the citizens of Los Angeles. If the New York crowd can watch opera on the giant Times Square screen, why can’t we do something similar?

Here’s a crazy idea: why not co-opt the dozens of digital billboards all across the city to pick up the event? These billboards are often decried as evil, corporatist, destroyers of homey neighborhoods (think of the children!); and there may be something to that. Imagine, though, if these billboards were momentarily diverted from their standard diet of irritating ads to a display a landmark in our city’s culture? It might just bring Dudamel one step closer to fulfilling his “crazy, romantic” dream of bringing music to everyone.


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