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G-Trans Update: BBB Snubbed by LBT

July 9, 2009
Photo: Wad

With the introduction of Google Transit to America’s second largest transit agency, all eyes are on Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus, in hopes that it will be the next to jump on the G-Trans Bandwagon. The BBB is probably the second most important bus system in LA county; it’s the only system besides Metro that runs rapid lines, and its 10 express bus is a godsend to anyone trying to get from Santa Monica to Downtown. An exhaustive search of the internets reveals primarily that people really want it.

Meanwhile, in far away Long Beach, word is that Google Transit is already in the test phase for Long Beach Transit Buses. However, an LBT spokesperson admonishes rabid G-Trans fans that “a final version will not be ready for several months”. Is this a snub against the beloved BBB by the dirty-stepsister LBT? Not really, a spokesperson from Santa Monica assures us that Google will be up and running in the Bay City by the end of the year. But it sure makes for a good headline.

The moral of the story? Not really sure, maybe that BBB is the only system that matters besides Metro? Oh well. Fingers crossed for county-wide G-Trans within the year.

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