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La Linea de Oro, ¡Nos Vamos!

April 29, 2009

Gold line - image not availableThe newest addition to LA’s train system will be opening soon! The Gold Line Eastside extension connects Union Station to East Los Angeles, including stops in Boyle Heights and Little Tokyo (just in time to help fight parking troubles in the area). But here’s the kicker: Mayor V has announced he plans to ride the new extension on June 19th, but Metro has yet to announce whether or not the line will even be open by then. Pressure’s on, guys! Due to the practicalities of engineering a train line, Tony may not realize his dream of a June ride on the Gold line, but rest assured, the line will at least open some time during “summer 2009”.

But regardless of when the line opens, it’s going to have un nombre nuevo, courtesy of Eastside matriarch Gloria Molina. Molina has urged the line to be rechristened with the additional name “La Linea de Oro, Edward R Roybal“, or just “La Linea de Oro” for short. This move has not gone over well with the peanut gallery at Curbed, but that’s because they’re all racist Latino/a haters, of course. My biggest concern about this move is that, while it’s a kind gesture to the Latino communities of East LA and Boyle Heights, it’s inconsiderate of the other communities along the line. I propose adding three more names to La Linea de Oro:
in honor of Little Tokyo, 黄金线 in honor of Chinatown, and in recognition of wealthy South Pasadena residents, “The Object of Our Mutual Hatred”.


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