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Obama’s (Down)Town Hall Meeting

March 18, 2009

contrerasAs you probably already know, our illustrious prez is holding a town hall meeting – in Downtown LA! It’s going to be at the Miguel Contreras Learning Center in City West (or is it Historic Fillipinotown?). If you want tickets, too bad – they’ve already been raffled off. Don’t worry, most of us who applied for them didn’t get them.

Obama’s other town hall meeting, held earlier today in Costa Mesa, was a bit more reserved. Support for Obama was high, but bankers and other OC elites managed to find their way into the meeting as well. The downtown meeting may be more of a walk in the park for Obama, since downtowners voted solidly in his favor last November. However, since meeting attendees were picked by lottery, the audience won’t be composed entirely of devotees who waited all night in order to score tickets, and thus may actually contain Republicans.

Obama’s choice of LA as one of his first major domestic excursions is interesting, and oddly appropriate. Geographically, LA contains elements of both the dense, “traditional” East Coast cities and the sprawling “sunbelt” cities – thus, solutions that work in LA might also work in Phoenix, or New York. Politically, LA is mostly disengaged from national politics, with the exception of a few politically savvy celebrities. Presidential candidates never make appearances here during the campaign season, since California is such a reliably blue state. And while Angelenos will generally support democrats in most elections, Obama’s appearance here will galvanize local support and help him expedite his plans. Also, it allows for him to drum up support in a more right-leaning area (OC) in the same trip.

If you haven’t won tickets to Obama’s meeting, you may still want to sniff around the general area if you have the time. Obama rolled out of Long Beach Airport today with two military choppers and three look-alike Marine Ones. No word yet as to whether or not he’ll be flying or driving to this meeting, but if he does fly in, it will be pretty awesome to see all those giant choppers descending on Downtown. You can get a good view at the newly-built Vista Hermosa Park, or you can watch from the top of the Bonaventure Hotel if you’re willing to eat an expensive lunch. Bonus points if you’re riding the elevators right as Obama’s helicopters are landing.

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  1. December 15, 2009 9:50 am

    Obama’s meeting and “scolding” of the bankers…just political theatre to assuage or placate us. In the meantime, the banks are coming back stronger…more of a threat…

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