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Tap That: Metro’s New TAP Cards

March 15, 2009


Today marks the first day that LA Metro riders can no longer purchase day passes directly from bus drivers. Instead, there’s a convenient alternative: TAP cards! TAP stands for “transit access pass”, and TAP cards can be purchased at Metro customer centers or other convenient locations, like Mundo Check Cashing on Figueroa. Gosh, buying day passes directly from bus drivers was so much less convenient than waiting in line for an hour and paying an extra $2 for a card.

Oh well, if the TAP ads are any indication, buying them will make me obnoxiously energetic. Hey, it works for sassy girls and Morgan Freeman look-alikes (see above). They’re also better for the environment, since you have to chop down a buttload of trees to make paper passes but plastic passes have no adverse environmental effects at all.

Metro has now unequivocally cut off the sale of paper day passes on buses, but the future of paper passes at metro rail stations remains murky:

Paper Day Passes are currently available on board any Metro bus or at any Metro Rail station and will continue to be sold on buses through March 14. After that date you’ll need to obtain a TAP card before boarding a bus in order to purchase a Day Pass at the fare box.

Will paper day passes still be available at train stations? And will they still be accepted on Metro’s trains or buses? I’ll find out tomorrow as I attempt to purchase one at my nearest Metro station.

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