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A Tale of Two South Parks

March 10, 2009

neighborhoodsFor those of you not yet aware, the LA Times has compiled a gigantic map outlining the boundaries for every neighborhood in Los Angeles. Not only do have they cataloged every existing neighborhood in the city, they’ve thrown in a few that don’t exist as well. And in some cases, they’ve taken the name of an existing neighborhood and given it to a different one. South Park, other than being a TV show of irritating voices and marginal content, is apparently the name of the area in South LA east of the 110, west of Avalon, north of Slauson and south of Jefferson. Presumably the neighborhood derives its name from a nearby park, named (you guessed it) South Park.

But wait! Isn’t “South Park” the name of that area in southwest Downtown? Downtown’s official website seems to think so, and even Wikipedia agrees. Despite not having a park in the area named “South Park”, Downtown’s South Park probably has a more legitimate claim to the title, since the name “South Park” seem to have never been adopted at all for the South LA neighborhood. What’s more, the last massive neighborhood mapping attempt didn’t recognize that neighborhood as “South Park”, instead lumping it in with South Central Ave. But still, it would be nice if Downtown’s South Park had its own park (named South Park) so cement its namesake. There’s rumor that a new park in South Park may be in the works, and I wouldn’t mind blowing up a few parking lots to make it happen.

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