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Book ‘Em: Dealing With Crime in LA’s Central Library

March 6, 2009

LibraryYesterday, the LA Times reported on an influx of crime in LA’s Central Library. The library is located downtown and is the third largest library in the country, unfortunately this means there are lots of hallways and study rooms that are unguarded. Fortunately, there seems to be little violent crime taking place; most of the robberies involve careless patrons leaving their laptops or unguarded. Perhaps criminals are also afraid that violent crime would be too noisy for a library setting.

Many of the criminals are suspected to be skid row drug addicts, stealing computers, cell phones, or other valuable belongings to fund drug habits. One library patron has an eyewitness account:

[Library guest] Alvin Thompson said he bumped into a man Wednesday who told him: “Somebody is going to donate a computer to me today.”

“Donating meant he was going to take it,” Thompson said.

Thanks for the insight there, Alvin. To avoid having your equipment donated, never leave it unattended! Also, you may want to consider not taking expensive equipment to the library in the first place.

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