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Polls Closed

March 3, 2009

(image: vote sign)

The Polling places for the March 3 2009 Los Angeles election have officially closed. So far, 0% of precincts are reporting, but the LA Loyalist staff is still standing by its initial call of the mayoral race for Antonio Villaraigosa. Click here for vote counts.

Update – 9:00 The LA Times reports on the initial ballot count. Regarding voter turnout during the day, the Times reports it was – surprise, surprise – low. Election results are beginning to trickle in at the County Clerk’s page – Tony V. has a commanding lead with 53% of the vote, rapper/politician Zuma Dogg holds 3% of the vote. If only Zuma’d spent less time bashing the Purple Line, he’d surely be in the lead! In the controller race, Wendy Greuel is off to a good start, despite the fact that she’s apparently a complete hack. Jack Weiss, enemy of the people, has 40% of the vote in the city attorney race. However, the night’s biggest winners so far are Jan Perry and Richard Alarcón, who each hold 100% of the vote in their respective council races. That’s some real democracy there.

Update – 10:15 Whoa, Greuel’s percentages (64%) are even higher than Villaraigosa’s (54%). Who knew Wendy was a sweeper? This could change though, roughly 90% of precincts aren’t reporting in yet. Perry and Alarcón remain at 100%.

Update – 11:45 50% of precincts are reporting in. In all likelihood, we’re looking at a Villa-Weiss-Greuel election, although Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich seems to be gaining ground in the City Attorney’s race. I think his biograpy should be called Much Ado About Nuch.

Most of the council races appear to be pretty one-sided (did you really think Garcetti would lose?). The one glaring exception is the 5th district race, where Paul Koretz currently holds a .04% lead over David T. Vahedi. But at this point, the race is close enough that one of the four other candidates could conceivably still win.

Charter amendments C and D appear to be on the way to an easy victory, but then again, most voters would find it difficult to vote against a measure called the “disabled children survivor benefit” plan. Think of the (disabled) children! Amendment B, the contentious solar power proposal is ahead by a narrow 52%-47% margin.

But with the main races virtually in the bag, LA Loyalist will take a break until tomorrow morning’s election dust up.

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