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The March 3 Election – It’s Greueling

February 24, 2009

Image: Vota

There’s an election March 3? Didn’t we just have an election? Yes we did. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have another one, even if it promises to be much less exciting. Please note: there are many people running for mayor, but only the ones whose names start with “V” and end with “illaraigosa” will be elected. The race for city controller includes Wendy Greuel, and we all know what she was forced to eat for breakfast as a child. Here’s a full oting guide, courtesy of @LA:

Alvarez, Carlos – mayor
Darian, Bruce – mayor
Dogg, Zuma – mayor
Hernandez, David – mayor
Jennerjahn, Phil – mayor
Moore, Walter – mayor
Rubin, Craig X. – mayor
Turner, Gordon – mayor
Villaraigosa, Antonio – mayor

Amerian, Michael – city attorney
Berger, David – city attorney
Trutanich, Carmen – city attorney
Weiss, Jack – city attorney
Weiss, Noel – city attorney

Evans, Kathleen “Suzy” – controller
Greuel, Wendy – controller
Patsaouris, Nick – controller

Bleich, Adina, West LA – city council, 5th district
Galperin, Ron, West Hollywood – city council, 5th district
Garcetti, Eric, Silverlake – city council, 13th district
Hahn, Janice, Downtown LA – city council, 15th district
Koretz, Paul, West Hollywood – city council, 5th district
Ritter Simon, Robyn, West LA – city council, 5th district
Rosas, Jesse – city council, 1st district
Rosendahl, Bill, West LA – city council, 11th district
Salabaj, Chris, Harbor City – city council, 15th district
Schwartz, Robert, Century City – city council, 5th district
Slossberg, Gary, Hollywood – city council, 13th district
Vahedi, David T., West LA – city council, 5th district
Wilson, Harry “Craig”, West Hollywood – city council, 11th district

Candidates for Municipal/City Offices


Hanks, Keith, Azusa – city council
Naccachian, Paul, Azusa – city council
Rosales, Nick, Azusa – city council

Rivas, Mario S. and Nestor Enrique Valencia (Bell for Change), Bell – city council
Saleh, Ali and Hussein Chahine, Bell – city council

Koops, Dan, Bellflower – city council
Santa Ines, Sonny, Bellflower – city council

Brien, Willie, Beverly Hills – city council
Briskman, Linda, Beverly Hills – city council
Brucker, Barry, Beverly Hills – city council
Cohen, Fran, Beverly Hills – city council
Hakim, Michael, Beverly Hills – city council
Maas, Virginia, Beverly Hills – city council
Mirisch, John, Beverly Hills – city council
Nathan, Nili, Beverly Hills – city council

Ross, Abraham, Beverly Hills – city council
Stone, Richard A., Beverly Hills – city council
Bozajian, James. R., Calabasas – city council
Maurer, Mary Sue, Calabasas – city council
Boggs, Rita, Carson – city council
Gipson, Mike, Carson – city council
Ruiz-Raber, Julie, Carson – city council
Santarina, Elito, Carson – mayor

Williams, Harold, Carson – city council

Chen, Carol, Cerritos – city council
Chen, Cindy Yen, Cerritos – city council
Edwards, Jim, Cerritos – city council
Fuentes, Chris, Cerritos – city council
Pulido, Mark, Cerritos – city council
Udomratsak, Michael, Cerritos – city council
Calaycay, Corey, Claremont – city council

Healy, Bridget, Claremont – city council
Bowers, Kevin, Covina – city council
Fabian, Rosie, Covina – city council
Cota, Daniel and Luis Garcia, Cudahy – city council
Cerda, Tasha, Gardena – city council
Gause, Donesia, Gardena – city council
Velasco, Cynthia, Gardena – city council
Davis, Karen, Glendora – city council
Haemmerle, Vance, La Canada – city council
Bergman, Brian, La Habra Heights – city council
Edwards, George, La Habra Heights – city council
Grimm, Faith, La Habra Heights – city council
Carder, Robin, La Verne – city council

Gallagher, Peter, Manhattan Beach – city council
Montgomery, Richard P., Manhattan Beach – city council
Paralusz, Kathleen, Manhattan Beach – city council
Powell, Wayne, Manhattan Beach – city council
Tell, Nick, Manhattan Beach – city council

Abajian, J.B., Monterey Park – city council
Lau, David, Monterey Park – city council
Martinez, Sharon, Monterey Park – city council

Garcia, Anthony, Norwalk – city council
Rodarte, Marcel, Norwalk – city council

Iannitti, Sheryl, Palos Verdes Estates – city council

Lemons, Peggy, Paramount – city council

Brand, Bill, Redondo Beach – city council
Cagle, Diane, Redondo Beach – city council
Erickson, Tory, Redondo Beach – city attorney

Michael, Shane, Redondo Beach – city council
Webb, Mike, Redondo Beach – city attorney

Lo, Henry, Rosemead – city council

Kahn, Jeremy L., San Dimas – city council

Romero, Henry, San Fernando – city council

Delatorre, Mario, San Gabriel – city council
Gutierrez, David R., San Gabriel – city council

Sawkins, Kevin, San Gabriel – city council

Groseth, Jeff, San Marino – city council
Johnson, Stephanie, San Marino – city council
Morris, John T., San Marino – city council
Sun, Richard, San Marino – city council
Ward, Dick, San Marino – city council
Yung, Dr. Allan, San Marino – city council

Villanueva, Edward, Signal Hill – city council

Souder, Chuck, Temple City – city council

Duran, John, West Hollywood – city council
Meister, Lauren, West Hollywood – city council
Prang, Jeffrey, West Hollywood – city council

Candidates for Educational/School Boards

Akili, Greg – LA Community College Board
Essavi, Jozef – LA Community College Board

Lowry, Kurt – LA Community College Board
Nakahiro, Robert – LA Community College Board
Pearlman, Nancy – LA Community College Board
Reddock, Angela – LA Community College Board

Martinez, Nury – Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD)
Pugliese, Louis – Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD)

Ballot Measures/Propositions/Initiatives

Measure A, Gardena
Measure C, Carson
Measure P, Beverly Hills

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